Outcome Referrals is revolutionizing the management of behavioral healthcare. As the world’s leading provider of behavioral health assessment and treatment outcome measurement, we help people with mental health and substance abuse problems find and receive the care they need. Our mission is to improve the delivery of behavioral healthcare by providing information that informs and supports choices made at each decision point during treatment. We understand and share the values of behavioral health providers and their commitment to helping people get better— a patient’s best interest drives what we do.


The foundation of Outcome Referral’s approach is our proprietary psychological assessment, the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP), which scientifically measures the presence and severity of a wide range of behavioral health problems.

The TOP allows providers to deliver better care and dramatically increases the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes from treatment. Research on our database of 23,000 clinicians and 1,100,000 patients has confirmed the predictive validity of this tool. The efficacy of the TOP has been proven in academic studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

At Outcome Referrals we offer innovative solutions for behavioral health management. We are changing the way behavioral healthcare is delivered by helping solve some of the most prevalent problems that interfere with achieving positive treatment results. Outcome Referrals will partner with organizational leaders in behavioral healthcare to achieve this innovation by doing extra work, sharing the risks and dramatically reducing the cost of bringing about change.