Child Welfare

Outcome Referrals has collaborated with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to create and support Kids Insight, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the well-being of the U.S.‘s most disadvantaged children.

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We are focused on making sure that the support and services provided for children involved with the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice systems match their needs. The better we get at tracking children’s conditions over time, the smarter we will be at identifying children’s needs, matching children’s needs with providers’ strengths, and understanding whether Child Welfare interventions are improving child well-being.

There are many ways that Outcome Referral’s TOP assessment supports the day-to-day practice of child welfare professionals:


TOP tracks and measures two things: It tracks how children and adolescents are doing within our 12 domains and illustrates problems such as whether a child is having sleeping problems or experiencing separation anxiety. It also looks at a specific provider’s track record of delivering particular services. The more we know about both, the better we can match kids’ needs with providers’ strengths.


TOP’s ability to generate reports in real-time for individual children makes it possible to identify and respond to problems before they become full-blown crises. TOP’s aggregated data reports also get everyone on the same page fast so case management conversations are more productive.

Better Care.

The richness of TOP data increases the likelihood that children will be matched with services that suit their needs. The level of detail provided about children and providers makes transitions smoother if a child is moved to a new family or a social worker inherits a new caseload.

Child and family-focused.

TOP enables all people involved in a child’s care, including parents as well as the kids themselves, to have a voice in the assessment and placement process. Everyone enters data into the same system. Collecting multiple perspectives in one place sharpens our ability to make assessments and track progress while keeping the child’s well-being needs front and center.

See how Cleveland is using the TOP in Child Welfare: