School Safety

START to be Proactive, not Reactive to ending school violence

    School Bus with Stop Sign and Crime Scene Tape
  • Screen all children with the most powerful assessment tool, the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP).
  • Triage all children that screen positive for mental health issues.
  • Alert law enforcement and school professionals for those at high-risk.
  • Refer children and families to scientifically matched professionals.
  • Track children’s issues and the health grade of the district year-by-year and watch your community’s health improve.

Happy Kids in School at Lockers
START to eliminate school violence.

  • Track and help those with needs years before they want to pick up a gun or bring a knife to school. Screen everyone!
  • The benefit is a healthier school (less suicide, violence, depression, ADHD, conduct disorder…).
  • Use Federal dollars to fully pay for the services.
  • Don’t wait for the next active shooter.

sample questions from TOP questionaire

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