TOP Comparative Benefits

Not only is®, with TOP embedded, the least expensive data collection system, we’ve spent more than thirty years building the system and reporting infrastructure that makes outcomes management easier for all involved.

Below are the features that we have built into the leading system. We urge you to double-check us, add to, and evolve your own list of key requirements and objectives.

Tools for children and adolescents
Tools for adults
Published validity studies on APA-defined dimensions (Concurrent & Predictive)
Multi-dimensions (depression, anxiety…) with published confirmation studies (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) that meet modern standards Failed Failed
Built-in reports for patients, providers and health plans
No royalty fees (i.e., no usage fees paid to tool owner)
Multiple raters with easy to read multi-rater reports
Emailed questions for easy patient completion
Fair provider benchmarking (risk-adjustment with >30% variance explained)
Best-matched provider referral service (protected by US Patent)
System predicts high cost and hospitalization risk (predictive analytics)
On-demand consultation and training
Live customer service