Aggregate Profile and Utilization Reports

Aggregate Profile Reports
These reports give you a profile of what your clients look like at intake. Demographics, medical and clinical symptoms are profiled. For most providers, this is the best source of summary data on their served population, “an unintended positive consequence of gathering outcome data,” as reported by one of our 20-year-loyal customers.


Usage Reports
Usage Reports are designed to provide information about the overall number of times the TOP was administered during the last month and the last 12 months at your organization. Information is provided at the agency level, service level by site or location, and at the individual clinician level. The primary purpose of the Usage Report is to track the number of clients completing TOP, track the number of clients completing follow-up TOPs, and track which services and clinicians are having clients complete TOP assessments.

Symptoms and Functioning Aggregate Report
These monthly-generated reports are designed to give you a profile of the most prevalent problems of your client population.