Aggregate Performance and Outcome Reports

Usage Reports

Usage Reports are designed to provide information about the overall number of times the TOP was administered during the last month and the last 12 months at your organization. Information is provided at the agency level, service level by site or location, and at the individual clinician level. The primary purpose of the Usage Report is to track the number of clients completing TOP, track the number of clients completing follow-up TOPs, and track which services and clinicians are having clients complete TOP assessments.

Risk-Adjusted Benchmarking

The most effective way to improve quality of care is to measure it, compare to benchmarks, and adapt. Benchmarking is critical to this process. Because we measure extensive case-mix variables, Outcome Referral’s risk-adjusted/benchmarked reports are continually setting the pace for the industry. These reports help organizations discover areas in which they excel as well as areas that need improvement. These reports offer outcomes comparisons from different providers through Outcome Referrals risk-adjusted dataset, which takes into account the fact that different providers treat different types of patients. No tool has a deeper data warehouse to deliver risk-adjusted results. We provide separate benchmarking reports for each age group treated: children, adolescents and adults.