Client Reports

These reports can be used to enhance the therapeutic relationship with the client, assess problems and track improvement. They are processed and returned in real time.

Page One of Sample Client Report

Page one of the Client Report summarizes demographic, medical and consumer history information, presents consumer reported mental health issues, and portrays total client stress compared to the general population over the last 30 days and in the last 12 months. The first page also has alert notifications and notifies the clinician if there is an exacerbation of symptoms and/or deterioration in client function. These alerts are provided to encourage a review of treatment, client goals and the proposed course of action. Controlled research has demonstrated that these alerts actually help deliver better care by highlighting cases where a careful review of the course of treatment is warranted.

Page Two of Sample Client Report
Page two illustrates the initial TOP administration results in a Summary Scoring Graph, identifying the level of severity in each of the 12 measured clinical dimensions. Critical Items that place the client at risk for being a danger to themselves or others are then highlighted along with the answers to key questions noted. When the second (and each subsequent) administration of the TOP assessment form is administered, it will result in a presentation of each score (separate bars) in the Summary Scoring Graph of the report so the provider and consumer can monitor the impact of treatment through the changes in severity in each clinical dimension category. The second page of this report may be given to the patient to help them monitor their progress and may be reviewed in the treatment session. This opens up a powerful new communication channel for patients that may be too ashamed of certain symptoms to discuss them in treatment. TOP helps treatment get to a deeper and more meaningful place sooner.

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