The Joint Commission Solution

The Joint Commission has modified its Outcome Measures Standard to require Measurement Based Care. ORI makes it easy for organizations to meet this standard. We bring powerful tools to your fingertips that satisfy and exceed all the Joint Commission’s Outcome Measure Requirements. No installation or trending required.
  • Standardized instruments for Measurement Based Care
  • Monitor Progress from the individual’s perspective
  • Reporting that makes it easy to inform goals and objectives of care
  • Data analysis to improve organization efficiency and patient outcomes

Meet the Joint Commission Outcome Measures Standards

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Why Outcome Referrals?

Our Treatment Outcome Package (TOP)
TOP is the preeminent tool for behavioral health screening and repeated outcome measures. Spanning 12 domains of behavioral health and covering a wide range of problems from substance abuse to social functioning, TOP is the only tool you need in order to implement Measurement Based Care. Unlike any of its competitors, TOP has no ceiling or floor effects and helps you to predict the course of care. Learn more about TOP here.

Better Outcomes Through Data

Outcome Referrals provides a comprehensive data analysis and reporting platform that helps your organization make data-driven decisions. Our easy to use behavioral health suite gives you real-time reporting, aggregated data analysis, and more: tools you need to efficiently and profoundly increase successful outcomes. Learn more about outcomes and reporting here.


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