Outcome Referrals, Inc. Treatment Outcome Package (TOP)

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a better behavioral health assessment for primary care and pediatric patients

The Treatment Outcome Package (TOP), a Behavioral Health screening and outcomes toolkit, developed by David R. Kraus, PhD and a multi-disciplinary team of mental health providers, researchers, and technical experts offers complete, validated behavioral health assessment and outcomes measurement tools for primary care physicians and their patients.

Doctor treating child patient.TOP utilizes scientific research and analyses of the world’s largest dataset of over 1.5 million behavioral health patient outcomes. 

TOP results are validated, risk adjusted, and normed to the US “healthy” population. No other outcome measurement tool can compare to the sensitivity and accuracy of TOP’s patient assessments.

Easy to use for physicians and patients, the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP) is a standardized, HIPAA compliant, data-driven outcome measurement tool that can be delivered to patients and caregivers (raters) via smartphones, tablets or email prior to, or during appointments. The TOP screens for anxiety and depression as well as up to 13 domains of behavioral health.

Doctor treating child patient while Mom watches and comforts child.Results are analyzed and returned to physicians in seconds for same day use. No paper forms, no staff time required to score results.

Accurately assess patients and monitor interventions, the TOP assessment, available in child (3-18 years)adolescent (11-21 years) and adult versions (16+ years), provides real-time feedback and informs clinicians if pediatric or primary care patients may need primary care interventions or behavioral health or psychiatric referrals. Repeat TOP assessments are valuable to assess responses to any behavioral health medications or interventions.

Doctor treating adolescent while listening closely.Billable and reimbursable, implementing the TOP is cost effective. We recommend talking with your billing department about how to maximize reimbursement rates for behavioral health assessments; or contact our office at 800-329-0949 ext. 127 to discuss how TOP can be a beneficial addition to your practice.

We offer EMR/EHR integration.– call us for more information

TOP Benefits

Below are the features we have built into the leading system.

Tools for children and adolescents
Tools for adults
Published validity studies on APA-defined dimensions (Concurrent & Predictive)
Multi-dimensions (depression, anxiety…) with published confirmation studies (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) that meet modern standards
Built-in reports for patients, providers and health plans
No royalty fees (i.e., no usage fees paid to tool owner)
Multiple raters with easy to read multi-rater reports
Emailed questions for easy patient completion
Fair provider benchmarking (risk-adjustment with >30% variance explained)
Best-matched provider referral service (protected by US Patent)
System predicts high cost and hospitalization risk (predictive analytics)
On-demand consultation and training
Live customer service