TOP Comparative Benefits ®, with TOP embedded, is a cost-effective data collection system to improve patient outcomes, improve provider experience, and facilitate outcomes management. Below are the features we have built into our system:

Tools for children and adolescents
Tools for adults
Published validity studies on APA-defined dimensions (Concurrent & Predictive)
Multi-dimensions (depression, anxiety…) with published confirmation studies (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) that meet modern standardsFailedFailed
Built-in reports for patients, providers and health plans
No royalty fees (i.e., no usage fees paid to tool owner)
Multiple raters with easy to read multi-rater reports
Emailed questions for easy patient completion
Fair provider benchmarking (risk-adjustment with >30% variance explained)
Best-matched provider referral service (protected by US Patent)
System predicts high cost and hospitalization risk (predictive analytics)
On-demand consultation and training
Live customer service