What We Do

At Outcome Referrals we scientifically measure the presence and severity of a wide range of behavioral health problems with our behavioral health assessment tool, the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP). A patient completes the TOP questionnaire before, during and after treatment. Based on responses, Outcome Referrals produces a comprehensive report about a patient’s well-being and treatment needs. Reviewing the detailed clinical information from these reports during treatment enhances the therapeutic alliance, aids in treatment plan reviews and improves case management.

TOP’s scientific outcome measurement also identifies areas in which a clinician is most effective. Using this information, Outcome Referrals can match patients with clinicians who have demonstrated success in treating a patient’s specific problems. Matching patients with the right clinicians dramatically reduces ineffective or harmful treatment. By eliminating ineffective or harmful treatments, access and capacity are increased without increasing healthcare costs, and patient and provider satisfaction improve.

Learn about why TOP is the best behavioral health outcome measurement tool available.