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For more than thirty years, we've been on a quest to help every behavioral health patient find exceptional, personalized care. We didn't discover the "therapist effect" but we have perfected how to identify and deploy the unique benefits and skills of every provider, prescriber, intervention, and more. We've created the only assessment system (called the Treatment Outcome Package) powerful enough to find these unique skills so each provider can deliver the best possible care and receive the reimbursement worthy of their documented skill.

Join our TOP family and be part of the most profound innovation in healthcare!


Our innovations start with our founder's vision: to be the arbiter of behavioral health quality, steering patients to the best personalized medicine and assisting payers in rewarding value-based care.

Our team has led this area of innovation from beginning to end. For example, all of the peer-reviewed publications on identifying and/or deploying the unique skills of each provider come from our team of industry and academic experts.

David R. Kraus, PhD
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Founder & President

Dr. Kraus started his career as an Assistant Professor of child psychiatry at UMASS Medical School. His day job was to help run the inpatient unit for the most traumatized children in the commonwealth. He quickly learned that his clinical staff each had a unique skillset.

While the rest of the world failed to prove the power of evidence-based treatments, Dr. Kraus has proven that evidence-based therapists are the key to unlocking the true power of health, productivity and happiness. Click play to listen to Dr. Kraus being interviewed.

Three Decades of Firsts


Dr. Kraus's panel presentation for the Mayhugh Foundation and MITRE:

"Integrating TOP Match and Evidence Based Treatments for Veterans"



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As a growing Heath Tech company, we are always looking for new team members. Whether you’re interested in business or have something innovative and unique to bring to the table, we’d love to see if you’re a good fit for Outcome Referrals.

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Full Time, Framingham MA

Our platform is scaling to meet exponential growth. Help direct the evolution!

Collaborating at Work


Full Time

Our products and services are expanding. Help plan and monitor the evolution of these products from vision to production!

Research Policies and Procedures

We comply with all Federal regulations including HIPAA and conflict of interest disclosures. (read more)

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