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  • Is TOP Match billable?
    TOP Match is an evidence-based intervention proven in a double-blind randomized clinical trial. A growing number of payers are allowing providers to bill for TOP Match either through a separate CPT code or higher fee structures.
  • What is the fee to use TOP Match?
    Our preferred method is to share in the increased revenue or total cost of savings that flow from the use of TOP Match. If organizations would like a fixed price, let's talk.
  • Is the TOP better than tools like the PHQ-9
    Yes. Here are a few reasons 1. PHQ-9 was designed to help big Pharma sell lots of anti-depressants 2. Only 50% of people who screen positive for depression on the PHQ have depression 3. The others who screen positive have other BH issues, but get labeled as depressed and often given the wrong medications 4. PHQ-9 is not risk adjusted, making it unfair to compare one provider's outcomes to another's 5. The PHQ mixes two different time periods making each question complex to answer 6. The 9th question mixes suicide and other acts of self-harm resulting in false flags for suicide 7. Factor analysis of the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 show they are both measuring the same construct 8. Researchers have tried to use the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 to identify provider's unique skills and failed (see Sondermind's research results)
  • What are some of the important advantages of TOP
    1. Published risk-adjustment (c.f., Kraus et al, 2016) 2. General population norms 3. True multi-dimensionality with unparalleled construct validity 4. The only outcome tool with exceptional predictive validity (e.g., identify best provider and risk for hospitalization) 5. Quick to administer (average 7 minutes which is about the same as PHQ-9 and GAD-7 combined) 6. No royalty fees 7. The world's largest benchmarking database 8. Easy-to-use software with EHR integration


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Quickly find out whether we have already addressed any questions that may be on your mind. We welcome all inquiries on matters big or small. If there is something that is on your mind that we may not have covered, please contact us today! Outcome Referrals is here to help you bring out the best in everyone within your network.

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While it takes our AI system several months (3-9) to gather enough TOP outcome data to understand the evolving strengths and weaknesses of each of your therapists, prescribers, treatment teams, and services, our "day-1" or B-level matching delivers a sophisticated and proven process that improves outcomes by 25% overnight. As we generate to peer-reviewed minimum of 15 pre-post TOP assessments for each provider, they will come on-line in the TOP Match system with A-level matches that can improve outcomes by up to 150% and quintuple the number of patients that return to full health and productivity. If you specialize in the SPMI population, we maximize their best possible outcome with both TOP Match which is enhanced with best level of care analyses.

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YES! Most care is still delivered by solo or small group practices.

It's about time they become eligible for the higher reimbursement rates.

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  1. Nearly all providers (>96%) have a behavioral health condition where they deliver superior outcomes compared to their peers (see Kraus et al, 2011)

  2. Providers' self-ratings of their skills are so poor, they often practice in areas where they are ineffective, even harmful (see Constantino et al, 2023)

  3. Our TOP assessment can identify providers' skills, which are stable and reliable (see Kraus et al, 2016)

  4. Our AI system has doubled the population outcomes of the next best method of delivering care in a double-blind randomized clinical trial and quintupled the number of patients that return to full health without relapse (see Constantino et all, 2021)

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