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five select
publications tell our story

Our team has published 100% of the peer-reviewed publications on identifying and deploying the unique skills of behavioral health providers to drive substantially better outcomes. These five highlight to decades of work that have led to our medical breakthrough.

develop a tool powerful enough for the job

You need an assessment system powerful enough to identify provider skills. TOP is the only tool that has factor analyzed all diagnostic symptoms on millions of patients at all levels of care. Click the image below to download the initial breakthrough publication.


virtually all providers have strengths and weaknesses

In our 2011 publication we shattered the myth that a good clinician is a good clinician for most any client. We showed that when using a powerful assessment system 96% of providers are exceptional when treating at least one of the twelve major dimensions of behavioral health and well being.


clinician strengths are stable

Next we proved that these identifiable provider strengths are stable and predictable.


TOP Match quintuples the number of patients that return to health and productivity

In healthcare's first randomized clinical trial of a referral (or case assignment) process, we proved that population outcomes can roughly double and the number of patients that return to full health and productivity improves from 16% to 80% without changing anything that the provider does in treatment.


we can predict the right level of care, before selecting the best-matched provider

Potentially saving billions and reducing the burden on over-utilized hospital beds, TOP Match can identify the right level of care, which is most often a less costly and less restrictive placement.

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