What we do
We assess an individual's diagnostic issues and provide him or her with a list of effective therapists who have proven, prior outcomes when working with similar patients.
We do this by building on very secure, confidential, and patented methods that have been developed and honed for over 20 years.
  1. We scientifically track providers' outcomes.
  2. We identify each provider's unique strengths.
  3. We screen, assess, and track each patient's progress and needs.
  4. We provide each patient with a list of best-matched professionals who have resolved similar patient issues.
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OutcomesReferrals fits our view that the first step in improving healthcare is measuring outcomes.
We want to offer the best of breed employee benefits, and this solution is that!
We understand -- as all the studies show -- that providing better behavioral health will reduce unneccesary and avoidable medical expenses.
We want to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.
Solutions For
Employers & ACO's
Reduce unnecessary and avoidable medical expenses, and optimize your network.
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Find the right professional to help you, and take charge.
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Build your practice around your strengths, and track outcomes.
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