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the closest thing to a cure

TOP Match ™ is the only proven solution that enables 80% of patients return to full, long-term health and productivity after struggling with behavioral health issues. 


Our proprietary AI platform matches each patient with TOP behavioral health providers based on their individual clinical profile across critical dimensions of health and wellness and the verified clinical skillset of each provider. 


Rigorous, federally funded research published in leading journals has validated this extraordinary medical breakthrough.

Do you want your network to be five times more effective?

TOP Match returns more behavioral health patients to health and productivity

Record-setting impact 


Every year we set new records for patient impact.

Here is how many times better TOP Match performs compared to previous best-in-class network statistics.

Easy to use: TOP Match 

    For the user the process is simple.

(1) Patients or guardians take a 5-10 minute assessment that details their current issues and needs.  

(2) They review their matches.

    These matches can be filtered and sorted by other selection criteria like insurance, distance, age and ethnic preferences. Behind the scenes our sophisticated machine learning works in the background. 

    The secret is that all treatments and specific providers are exceptional for certain clients, but can be harmful for others. TOP Match continually monitors the outcomes of all treatments and providers in a network to eliminate the harmful or ineffective choices from the wealth of other choices that should be considered.

    In short, we bring out the best in all treatments, therapies, pharmaceuticals, and therapists.

Industry Highlights

Iowa is using TOP Match in child welfare and juvenile justice
Iowa is using TOP Match to monitor outcomes and drive children in juvenile justice and child welfare to the best possible placements.

Matt Haynes, Bureau Chief for

Service Support and Training

TOP Match more than doubles population outcomes with the average patient returning to full health and productivity without relapse

Under the hood: the development of TOP Match

TOP Match is protected by US Patent No. 7,873,525 and other patents pending. There are 4 distinct steps to perfecting TOP Match. These AI cycles repeat, resulting in a perpetually better service that delivers on our Mission -- to make behavioral health work for everyone.


Measuring True Outcomes

No other outcome tool is powerful enough to detect the unique skills of providers, treatments, and medications. TOP has unparalleled Construct Validity with Comparative Fit Statistics (CFI) >.97. All other multi-dimensional tools have failed CFIs.


Grading Algorithms

Turning predictive models into actionable algorithms that help guide patients to the right treatment requires millions of patients and multiple models. Each competes with the other in a cyclical battle for superiority. Each new generation of predictive models then restarts the process as the underlying data warehouse grows. KPI is identifying each provider's unique skill set (USS). TOP USS > 96%. Next best in the published literature is 7%.


Predicting the Future

For matching, outcome tools are only good if they can predict the future (e.g., how will the client look with or without treatment a year from now, or will he/she be hospitalized in the next six months). Here the key performance indicator (KPI) is Variance Explained (VE). TOP VE > 0.71 while the best alternative = 0.06.


Randomized Trials

No other system has gotten to this step. Our JAMA-published, PCORI-funded randomized clinical trial (RCT) is the first RCT of a referral process in healthcare (see publications below). It will take more than 10 years for industry to replicate the decades of science behind TOP Match with nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications.

What payers can do 

Announce to your network that the [best/only] pathway to higher rates is to integrate TOP Match. Let us build you a world-class provider directory. Use our data to drive value-based incentives.

What employers can do

Work with your local or national business coalition like the National Alliance or HRPA to demand TOP Match adoption from your vendors.

See how easy it is for your payers to implement.

The solution for all stakeholders

Discover the power of TOP Match. We provide a comprehensive platform that meets the needs of employers, health plans, and providers. Employers promoting TOP Match returns employees to health and productivity. Health plans ensure higher rates go to providers that reduce total cost of care. Providers ensure they are delivering unparalleled quality at the best rates.

Everyone wins.

Seamless Integration

Secure and Reliable

Real-time Analytics

Customizable Solutions

Award-winning Support

Our Breakthroughs
Selected from approximately 100 peer-reviewed publications on TOP and TOP Match

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