Let's make behavioral healthcare work for everyone.


What We Do

Outcome Referrals uses precision medical testing and scientific referrals to achieve better outcomes in behavioral health.  No other system can identify the unique skills of each behavioral health provider.  These services are available to unlock $185B in bottom-line health savings. 

JAMA Psychiatry
Outstanding results from our clinical trials:  Effect of Matching Therapists to Patients vs Assignment as Usual on Adult Psychotherapy Outcomes

Our Systems

  • Based on science
  • Tested in double-blind randomized clinical trials
  • Published in healthcare’s leading journals
  • Deployed in healthcare’s largest provider systems
  • Supported by a growing list of payors

Who Benefits


Using our systems, 4 out of 5 patients find exceptional care.  Currently, 80%  of patients derive no meaningful benefit from behavioral health care, 50% relapse.


Behavioral health providers using our systems, have been able to negotiate higher reimbursement rates and experience increased job satisfaction.

Payers and Employers

Effective, timely treatment means payers and employers save money while employees use less sick time. 

Hospitals and Doctors

Integrated into your EHR, our services work seamlessly to improve existing behavioral healthcare systems and healthcare overall.

1.6 M

Patient dataset.  Proprietary multi-dimensional behavioral health outcomes.


Our systems deliver 2-3x improvement over standard care.


Our systems can identify skill sets with reliability and precision in 96% of behavioral health providers.

2.52 Days

Fewer hospitalization days per high-cost participant.

Predictive Analytics

Our assessments and outcome monitoring systems can explain up to 71% of outcome variance and make accurate predictions for each patient:

  • Chance of success with care
  • Type of care (outpatient, inpatient, etc.)
  • Which providers will maximize patient outcomes and reduce relapse

Scientific Partners and Granting Institutions